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12 July 2013 @ 06:22 am
Podfic covers: Various small fandoms  
We're down to the odds and ends here. Just a couple more posts. These are all really small fandom podfics. I probably won't ever record anything else in Dexter or Ginger Snaps, but I'd love to do more with The City & The City, Friday Night Lights, and Fright Night. The covers for Bright Yellow Sky and Pluck are both second or third attempts.

Links to podfic & text
Fandom: The City & The City (China Mieville)
Characters: Mahalia Geary, David Bowden, Yolanda Rodriguez
Summary: Mahalia has the room on the corner, less because she'd asked for it than because nobody else had wanted it. The view is nothing special: no neon, no dazzling architecture, no illicitly schizophrenic vista of the cities—nothing particularly Ul Qoman at all.

Links to podfic & text
Fandom: Dexter
Characters: Dexter Morgan, Brian Moser, Debra Morgan
Summary: We haven't met, but I killed someone you passed in the street once.

Links to podfic & text
Fandom: Friday Night Lights
Characters: Jess Merriweather, Vince Howard, Landry Clarke, and Vernon, Caleb, Darius, and Andre Merriweather
Summary: You just gotta keep doing it, okay, just keep doing it over and over, do it thousands of times, 'cause you'll get that muscle memory. Just y'know, just forget about the guys, the big guys charging at you, and the fans, the chaos, just like, zone in, inside yourself and forget it all, let it all, the chaos, just let it go. Just let it go, you know?

Links to podfic & text
Fandom: Fright Night (2011)
Characters: Charley Brewster/Jerry
Summary: Charley's friend has been turned and now his neighbor is dead. Charley goes back in for the kill. It doesn't go as well as he'd planned.

Links to podfic & text
Fandom: Ginger Snaps (2000)
Characters: Ginger Fitzgerald/Brigitte Fitzgerald
Summary: Ginger's wants have never been anything but dangerous.