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28 June 2013 @ 05:12 pm
Four new(ish) podfics  
Sorry for the spamming. I swear this is it from me today. I've posted four new podfics to amplificathon and AO3 in the last couple of months, but never posted them to my journal. That's a little weird for me, so here they are:

Title: 8 early drafts of Sam Winchester's college admission essay and the one he sent to Stanford (the sweet little blond jam)
Author: [personal profile] nwhepcat
Readers: [personal profile] nwhepcat & [personal profile] nickelmountain
Cover Artist: [personal profile] nickelmountain
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen & Up
Pairings: Gen
Length: 00:29:57
Summary: Sam thinks no one knows what he's scrawling in his wire-bound notebook at odd times during the days and nights. He would be wrong.

Download: mp3 || m4b
Streaming available through mp3 link.

Reader's note (from nickelmountain): So, nwhepcat and I recorded this together during a fangirl weekend back in 2011. I loved the story and we agreed it was perfect for an on-the-spot collaboration, so we went for it and had a great time doing it. Then I went back home and nwhepcat started editing it, and somewhere along the way we both sort of just...forgot about it. Every once in a while one of us would say, "Hey, we should really post that podfic," and the other of us would look confused for a second and then say, "Oh yeah. The podfic. Definitely!". And then we would both forget again.We nearly repeated the cycle during our last fangirl weekend (Friday: "Let's post that podfic!" "Totally!" Saturday: "Let's watch Iron Man and ALL THE TELEVISION!" "Hell yeah! But wasn't there something..." "ALL THE TELEVISION!" Sunday: "I keep feeling like we're forgetting something." "MOAR IRON MAN!"), but at the last possible second nwhepcat remembered. I took custody so I could add some cover art before posting it, but the credit for breaking our Silence Will Fall curse belongs squarely to the story's author. If you enjoyed this story and our podfic of it, be sure to send some love to nwhepcat!
TL;DR: Ben is Glory. Here's some podfic.

 photo AndtheDevilGotHisDuecover_zps79ba7e63.jpg
Title: And the Devil Got His Due
Author: [personal profile] liliaeth
Reader & Cover Artist: [personal profile] nickelmountain
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Gen
Spoilers: AU from Jus In Bello, spoilers for general situation of S4
Length: 00:33:51
Intro & Outro Music: Jubilee Street, by Nick Cave
Summary: "Ready like a court order to keep you in a maximum security prison in Nevada until trial, ready like isolation in a soundproof, windowless cell so small that between you and me it's probably unconstitutional. How's that for ready? Take a good look at Sam, you two will never see one another again."

Download: mp3 || m4b
Streaming available through mp3 link.

Reader's Note: This podfic was won by [personal profile] liliaeth for the Super Storm Sandy auction at fandomaid. It took me a really embarrassingly long time to finish it, but I loved every second of working with this fic. I haven't encountered much fic from Victor Henriksen's POV, and in my opinion this story absolutely nails the intensity with which he goes after the Winchesters and the confusion with which he tries to reconcile his beliefs about the world with what he sees in his pursuit of them. I tried really hard to capture some of that intensity in my reading. I hope it worked.

Title: A House in His Head
Author: [personal profile] jmtorres
Reader & Cover Artist: [personal profile] nickelmountain
Fandom: Cyteen (C.J. Cherryh)
Characters: Grant ALX-972, Justin Warrick, Jordan Warrick, Ariane Emory I
Pairing: Grant ALX-972/Justin Warrick
Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up. The fandom is the warning (seriously, it's pretty fucked up). Contains non-explicit references to canonical rape.
Length: 00:30:15
Summary: "He wasn't standing in a house with a wall of safes anymore; he was standing in front of a safe with most of a house in it, like an Escher."
Intro/Outro Music: Distortions, by Clinic

Download: mp3 || m4b
Streaming available through mp3 link.

 photo Cyteenexperimentalprocedure2_zps2956c383.jpg

Title: experimental procedure
Author: [personal profile] lindensphinx
Reader & Cover Artist: [personal profile] nickelmountain
Fandom: Cyteen (C.J. Cherryh)
Characters: Ariane Emory II, Justin Warrick, Grant ALX-972, Florian AF-9979 II, Catlin AC-7892 II (with references to Ari I, Florian I, & Catlin I)
Rating/Warnings: Mature. The fandom is the warning. (I told you, it's messed up.) Contains references to canonical rape.
Length: 00:18:59
Summary: "Ari hasn't thought of the right way to watch that tape. Yet."
Intro/Outro Music: Human Qualities, by Explosions in the Sky

Download: mp3 || m4b
Streaming available through mp3 link.

Note: This is a re-recording. I first podficced this story in 2011, but when I listened to it again recently I decided I wanted to do it over. This is the version I prefer.


Reader's Notes for A House in His Head & experimental procedure: I read Cyteen for the first time when I was maybe 14, and it did things to my brain. The world of Cyteen is deeply fucked up - among other things, it includes a bio- and psycho-engineered servant class (slaves in all but name), the systematic and generationally cyclical manipulation of minors and adult dependents of the state by those with parental, educational, vocational, and governmental authority, consensual sexual activity between minors, (non-biological) sibling incest, and one non-explicit but profoundly disturbing incident of rape.

I love it.

What works about it is that with all of that deep, dark twistedness going on, it remains a story about people. Grant, Justin, and Ari II are each in their own ways victims of Ari I and the political world she moved in, but each of them struggle to find their own peace and claim their own power in the novel. Both of these fics are about that struggle, and that's part of what called me to record them. (The beautiful writing and the chills they both gave me is the other part.)

Also, I think these fics work really beautifully together. There's close to a 20 year gap between the events at the end of A House in His Head and the beginning of experimental procedure, but both fics are structured around the same canonical event, and they explore very similar issues. I nearly started writing an essay about that here, but perhaps I should save that for my journal.

This is a really tiny fandom, and I don't expect many downloads. If you do listen to one, though, I encourage you to listen to both. Or at least read the other. Or just read both. Whatever. Either way, if you enjoy these, please do leave feedback for the authors.