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10 March 2013 @ 05:46 pm
Arm in Arm//Fist to Fist & The Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III  
Wow, I have not been around much this year. There are reasons, but whatever. More on that later. I have some podfic to post!

Last month I celebrated halfamoon in a couple different ways. Over at [community profile] audiofemme we hosted our first annual Arm in Arm//Fist to Fist fest, focusing on non-romantic, non-sexual relationships between women, and at the same time the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology went into its third year collecting amazing podfics about awesome female characters in fandom. I just finished listening to the whole thing, and it's fantastic. I'm so pleased to have been able to take part in it again.

For AiA//FtF, I contributed a SPN podfic that's been sitting on my to-record list for over a year, just waiting for the perfect excuse to make it. roque_clasique's The Excellent Glass of the Body is a heartbreakingly beautiful story about Ellen Harvelle's relationship with her daughter, and I love it to pieces. I experimented a little both in the recording and in the cover art (which I was still very inexperienced with then, but have gotten a lot more practice with over the last month), and neither turned out perfectly, but I'm still happy with the finished product.

For the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology III, I contributed five podfics in four fandoms and finally sort of figured out how to use GIMP to make decent looking cover art. \o/

anenko's Storm Breaking is a gorgeous X-Men story about Ororo's grief, faith, and doubt. This is another I've had on my list for a while, and I nearly didn't record it at all, but I found myself with some extra time and a warmed-up voice, so I did it. I totally mispronounced Charles Xavier's name and didn't catch it until it was way too late, but I'm okay with that if you are.

Why have I not been recording podfic in the Avengers fandom? I am so in love with Natasha Romanov. I have no idea why jenna_thorn's Satin Ribbons Backstage is the first podfic I've done in this fandom, but it's a wonderful story for a first. It's short and sharp and nuanced in a way I just adore.

I've had trace_of_scarlet's Chains Like the Sea on my list for a really long time, too. Torchwood's Gwen Cooper is one of my favorite female characters on television, and this gorgeous fic captures her in all her tough, conflicted glory in the period immediately preceding Miracle Day.

I could write essays upon essays about Deanna Troi. I have FEELINGS about her. There are at least ten different Deanna Troi fics on my to-record list right now, and I recorded two of them for the Awesome Ladies Anthology. They're related fics, too, so I posted them as a series on AO3.

cosmic_llin's Poker Face is short and razor-sharp, examining Deanna's experience of prejudice and microaggressions as a member of a telepathic race among her friends and colleagues on the Enterprise. lorraine's Poker Face (the she can read you remix) examines the same basic experience extended back through Deanna's time at Starfleet Academy. Both fics are stunningly good, and they complement each other beautifully. I couldn't pick one over the other to record, so I happily did them both. You can download them separately as mp3s, or together as one m4b.

All of these fics were such a pleasure to record. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Please leave feedback for the authors, and while you're at it, I would love some feedback, too! (For the record, I am a big fan of the Kudos button on AO3. Just sayin'.)