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12 October 2012 @ 01:21 pm
dear #itpe podficcer  

First, this is how I will feel about ANYTHING you choose to record for me:

Seriously. I can't wait to hear what you come up with. I'm pretty easy as a podfic listener - I'm multifannish, multishipping, multi...well, multi lots of stuff. I love podfic more than I love any single fandom, pairing, or subgenre. 

If you'd like some more specific guidance, though, here are my basic preferences for the fandoms I requested, followed by some general likes/dislikes:

Likes: I really like SPN gen fic, and have a special place in my heart for pre-series h/c - whether that's Stanford era, or John as a parent, or whatever. With regard to pairings, I like Sam/Dean, Dean/Cas, and Jo/just about any female character (except Ellen). I can also do Jo/Dean and Jo/John, but Jo in a badass femslash ship always does good things for me. Really, it's hard to go wrong for me in this fandom.
Dislikes: I only have a couple strong dislikes here. I can't do Dean/John or Sam/John, and I'm not into fics where John is overtly abusive. John as a problematic parent is perfectly fine, but John beating/molesting/whatever just doesn't work for me. Also, as much as I love h/c, I can't really do explicit descriptions of torture.

Star Trek (OS, XI, TNG, DS:9, & VOY)
Likes: Again, my taste here is REALLY BROAD. Gen, slash, femslash, and het all work for me. Kirk/Spock and Gaila/Uhura are my favorite slash & femslash pairings, respectively, but again, I'm really flexible. I'm not really shippy when it comes to TNG, but if you know of any really good Deanna Troi-centric fic out there, I'd be really into that. For DS:9 I like Garak/Bashir, especially when the pairing is used to explore their cultural differences. Ditto for Kira/Jadzia. That said, I also like all the canon pairings. I have no set preferences at all with Voyager. For each series, I love love love explorations of culture, and I really like fics that acknowledge the physical and emotional impact of the things the characters go through in canon. Like Kirk & Tarsus IV, or Spock & Vulcan, or Kira & the Occupation or the war...etc. There's such rich material there.
Dislikes: Um...the Mirror universe is usually a little too dark for me, but I'm not completely against it. I love Kirk/Spock, but when it happens in an XI fic it can't be disrespectful to Uhura. And the O'Briens cannot be fucked with. Just...no.

Avengers movieverse (including individual movies)
Likes: Oh man, there's so much to like here. You know, though, I'd love a good post-Avengers Tony/Bruce, Tony & Bruce, Natasha/Bruce, or Natasha & Bruce podfic, though. Bruce and Natasha are my favorite characters from that universe. Darcy is pretty badass, too. Anything focused on any of those characters (in pretty much any pairing with each other or any other character) would be awesome.
Dislikes: I have some squick issues with Loki/Clint. Also, Odin as a molesting/abusive parent.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Likes: I...don't even know where to start. I adore everything about this show and all its characters. It's a small fandom, though - if you have a fic in this fandom that you especially like and want to record, I really really want to hear it.
Dislikes: Sarah/John. That's about it.

Likes: I like Peter/Olivia, but I have special fondness for Olivia/Astrid, Olivia/alt!Olivia, Peter/Lincoln, and Olivia/Peter/Lincoln. Add your alt!s as you will. Astrid/OFC also really works for me. Really, though...Astrid. She's the best. 
Dislikes: I confess, I'm struggling a little with the current season. I prefer fic set in seasons 2, 3, & 4. If you know of an S5 fic that might change my mind, though, feel free to go for it.

Vorkosigan Saga
Likes: Miles being awesome. Cordelia being awesome. I like Miles/Gregor, but I also like all the canon Miles pairings. I haven't read much Mark fic, but I'd be interested. Honestly, I haven't explored much in this area of fandom yet. I've read/listened to a handful of fics, but haven't developed any set preferences in the fandom. I'm wide open here.
Dislikes: I guess the canon establishes a pretty gruesome history of sexual abuse and torture for a number of the characters. I like emotionally complicated fic (hell, I love this series), but I'd rather steer clear of anything too explicit in those areas.

Likes: The women of Community being awesome. 
Dislikes: I don't know how I feel about Troy/Abed. When it comes to this fandom, I guess prefer gen or femslash. But again, feel free to change my mind.

Parks & Recreation
Likes: LESLIE KNOPE. Seriously, if I were a little more of a smartass and a little less invested in my actual vote, I'd write in her name on the presidential ballot and vote for her. Leslie/Ben is fine, but I prefer Leslie/Ann or Leslie & Ann. I love all the other characters (April/Andy=♥), but my favorite Parks & Rec fic is Leslie-centric.
Dislikes: Too much picking on Jerry or any kind of messing with April & Andy's marriage.

Doctor Who (new Who)
Likes: I don't read much in this fandom, but I like listening to podfic in it. I like all the recent Doctors and their companions, but my favorite thing about this fandom is the rich potential for women being awesome. Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, and River are all badass, and fic that explores their badassery is fantastic. I also really love Amy & Rory. Crossover with Torchwood is fine.
Dislikes: I'm not really into Doctor-related ships. I'm fine with Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, and Eleven/River, but in general I don't read/listen in this fandom for angsty romance or sexy Doctor funtimes in the TARDIS. Also, keeping with my general Don't Fuck With A Happy Marriage theme, I'm really not into fics that break up or otherwise screw with Amy and Rory.

Harry Potter
Likes: Like Doctor Who, this is mostly a podfic-listening fandom for me. I don't have well-established preferences. I like Harry/Draco, and Hermione-centric fic is always a plus. I'm fine with all the canon pairings, but slash and femslash are both completely welcome. Fic set during the series, immediately after the series, and in the Marauders era all work for me.
Dislikes: Underage (16ish is fine, but only if all parties are in that age range), student/teacher (which tends to rule out Snarry), and parent/child. I'm also not much into the next generation stories.

General Preferences
Likes: H/C, women being awesome, character exploration, case fic, exploration of culture, emotional depth
Dislikes: Explicit descriptions of sexual abuse and torture. Non-con. Slave!fic. Whump. Parent/child pairings. Underage. Character bashing. Messing with happy canonical marriages. Mpreg. Actually...pregnancy in general. I never remember to list this, but it's true. I have some pretty serious triggers there, and prefer to avoid fics that deal with pregnancy in any kind of detail.  

I could say more about what I do and don't like, but I feel like the odds of you choosing something I will like are extremely high, and the odds of you going into something that I can't handle are pretty low. I don't know who you are yet, but I know how awesome the people in podfic fandom are, and I trust your taste. If you like it enough to podfic it, I'm sure I'll love it, too.

This is getting...really long. *____* I'm going to stop now.

(Anonymous) on December 10th, 2012 12:28 am (UTC)
When it comes to Supernatural...

Are you okay with curtain!fic? Fic that involves Sam and Dean dying together or one dying and other committing suicide ... and, you know, them meeting up again in the afterlife? How about those fics where the boys are immortal legends and can't die?

You seem to prefer pre-series over post-series. If you don't care for anything I talked about, I can switch gears. Especially if you have rec list I can look at...?

♥ A Random Anon
nickelmountainnickelmountain on December 10th, 2012 03:45 am (UTC)
Hi Random Anon!

The short answer: I'm fine with curtain!fic and immortal legends. Go for it!

The slightly longer answer: I don't tend to seek out fic where the permanent and traumatic death of Sam and/or Dean is the focus of the story. I'm not against those fics, but that theme isn't my preferred method of bumming myself out with the Winchesters. If the fic doesn't linger too long on the death and the experience of grief, though, that's a different story. So, if the focus is on them meeting up again in the afterlife, for instance, that's totally fine. And I like post-series fics in general! I just have less well defined preferences with post-series fic.

I don't have a rec list, I'm sorry. I'm not nearly organized enough as a reader. It sounds to me like you've got some good options in mind, though! (If you're really feeling lost, though, let me know and I'll figure something out.)