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15 June 2012 @ 02:35 pm
The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed, by lazulisong - now with cover art by manifesty!  
Oh my god you guys, manifesty made cover art for my podfic of The 80/20 Theory As  Applied to Cats on the Bed. You guys, it's beautiful. Just look at it.

manifesty does gorgeous work with cover art. The images zhe chooses and hir attention to light and color are amazing. I highly recommend looking through hir tumblr, Podfic Covers

I'm taking this excuse to repost this podfic with updated links (previously it was only available as an m4a - long, boring story that boils down to my general cluelessness). If you'd like this podfic in a more normal file format, and/or if you'd like a copy with some amazing cover art attached, the links are posted below!

mp3 || m4b
(streaming available through mp3 link)

Title: The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed
Author: lazulisong
Cover Artist: manifesty
Fandom: Star Trek reboot
Pairing: James T. Kirk/Spock (Gen)
Length: 00:27:04
File Size: 39.2MB (mp3) | 14.1MB (m4b)
Summary: Captain Kirk is kind of like a cat, if by that you mean 'shameless bed hog.' This wasn't something Kirk had intended to find out.
Won by ruka_nanjou in the help_japan lightning round. Author's Notes and Reader's Notes included.