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12 November 2011 @ 01:30 pm
pod_aware: Repodding  
It's day 6 of pod_aware, and I'm finally posting on the topic of the day! (If anyone asks, though, I'm researching how to lead a therapy group for people who experience chronic loneliness. Um, yeah.)

Repodding is when a podfic is made of a fic that has already been podficced. Podfic is awesome, therefore two podfics is even more awesome, right? Every podficcer brings something different to the table and it's fun to see how different podficcers approach the same thing. To find out more about repodding, check out on LJ or DW.

One of the main reasons I make podfic is because I love stories, I love storytelling, and I want in on that action. I sought out fanfic before I even really knew what it was because I wanted more from the stories I loved most on television. There are stories that make me want to dig further and read/hear/see more, and there are stories that capture me so completely that I feel I just HAVE to be involved.

That feeling is what usually drives me to make podfic. Sometimes a fic will resonate with me in just the right way, and I feel an almost physical compulsion to hear it in my own voice, told in my own way. Sometimes that happens when I'm listening to podfic. I'll be listening to something, and as the reader pulls me further and further in I'll find myself wishing that I could join in, almost like creating a narrative harmony.

That was my experience listening to twasadark's recording of The Long Narrow Rope, but at the time I wasn't sure if it was okay to record a fic someone else had already recorded. (Especially when they'd done it so epically well!) Then multipodicity appeared on the scene. When I got the email telling me I'd been assigned to repod twasadark, I practically fell out of my chair. I have plenty of self-critical thoughts about my version of The Long Narrow Rope (I was still new at making podfic, and I've learned a lot about editing since then. Also, I'd just had throat surgery, so my voice was kind of rough. :S), but I'll always love it for how amazing it felt to get creative in my own medium and engage in that larger conversation about communal storytelling. Even when the words are all the same, each reader brings something unique and individual to the telling, which has the power to completely change the way the audience responds to the story. It's incredible.

Repodding The Long Narrow Rope was exciting enough, but then I heard cantarina1's repod of my podfic, Fall Through the Night. Her voice, her pace of storytelling, her inflections, tones, and creativity in the recording process took the story in directions I had never considered. It blew me away. (And, of course, the friendship that developed in the wake of our shared connection to Fall Through the Night has been delightful!)

I couldn't wait for multipodicity to come around again, and I was absolutely thrilled this year to repod sly_hostetter's 27 Minutes to Atlantis, listen to paraka's amazing repod of my When You Kiss Me (I Am Happy Enough), and get a sort of bonus!repod when sly_hostetter repodded cantarina1's repod of Fall Through the Night. (Re-re-podded?) She did a truly lovely job with it.

I've also enjoyed listening to lots of the other pods and repods associated with multipodicity. It's so exciting to hear the chorus of podfic voices grow larger and louder, and I think repodding is an excellent way to talk about what makes podfic so special and so fucking awesome as a medium. For the record, if anyone ever wants to repod anything I've done at any point in time, it's absolutely cool with me. (Check with the author, of course.) Contacting me about it isn't necessary, but I'd love it if you'd send me a link so I can hear what you've done!

Repods I Have Known:

Title: The Long Narrow Rope
Author: pdragon76
Fandom: Supernatural
Reader (original): twasadark
Reader (repod): nickelmountain

Title: When You Kiss Me (I Am Happy Enough)
Author: evewithanapple
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Reader (original): nickelmountain
Reader (repod): paraka

Title: 27 Minutes to Atlantis
Author: moonlettuce
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Reader (original): sly_hostetter
Reader (repod): nickelmountain

Title: Fall Through the Night
Author: danahid
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Reader (original): nickelmountain
Reader (repod): cantarina1
Reader (re-repod): sly_hostetter

applegeuseapplegeuse on November 15th, 2011 11:11 pm (UTC)
I agree with everything you've said here! :3 Especially this, which you phrased beautifully:

I'll be listening to something, and as the reader pulls me further and further in I'll find myself wishing that I could join in, almost like creating a narrative harmony.

I have so much love for repodding! ♥