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02 September 2011 @ 11:54 am
It's been an eventful month.

I completed orientation at my internship site, which was simultaneously great and terrifying. I officially started the position on Monday, and the terror factor has decreased somewhat. I haven't seen any clients on my own yet, but I have participated in a couple of sessions, and I TA'd my first class on Wednesday! \o/

School started this week, and holy mother of god it's going to be a lot of work. I'll have a lot of assignments due, but mostly it looks like it'll be really emotionally draining. The seminar class for my internship is intense all by itself, and on top of that I'll have Group (which involves the class actually conducting real group therapy together) and Interpersonal Violence. Also Intro to Assessment, but that seems much more study-difficult than emotional overload-difficult. 

Last weekend nickelhusband and I rented a car and took a marathon drive to and from Flint to attend his grandmother's memorial service. It was a nice service, and not nearly as uncomfortable as I was afraid it would be. I could have done without the church service on Sunday morning, though. This was unrelated to the memorial service - they went to church, and then held the memorial service at a separate location afterwards. The sermon was all about how to discipline fellow believers who stray from the path. Homosexuality was not mentioned directly, but it was strongly hinted at. Evidently if informal individual confrontation, semi-formal group confrontation, and formal congregation confrontation don't bring your fellow believer back in line, the best course of action is to cast that person out. 

There were also a number of really dismissive, weird comments about "the unbeliever." Every time the pastor said something like that, I had to resist the urge to tip my imaginary hat. I'm still not sure, though, if my parents-in-law are aware of the degree to which I'm an unbeliever. They know I was raised Episcopalian, which means I'm still going to hell because I haven't accepted Jesus as my personal savior, but I think they assume I still believe in God. Obviously, it's not something we talk about.

I could talk more about this, but I won't. The memorial service was nice, and the drive home was long. We listened to a lot of classic rock on half a dozen different midwestern radio stations, and it made me think of Sam and Dean. I can't wait for season 7.

Today is a podfic day for me. It's going to be miserably hot in my recording room with the (really loud) window unit shut off, but at least the construction across the street has finally stopped.

Oh, and my cat who I was worried about in my last post? She's doing fine. She's gained a bunch of weight back, and right now she's begging me to get off the computer and pay some attention to her. Which I'm going to do. Right now.