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15 August 2000 @ 01:32 pm
Master Podfic Post #1: Major Fandoms  
Here, have some podfic!
Supernatural Podfic

Title & Link to Text: Vessel
Rating:R (violence, language)
Spoilers:4.1 "Lazarus Rising" (character identity spoiler only)
File Size:11.3MB
Summary:What makes a man so devout he prays to be possessed by an angel of the Lord? A story told in 19 drabbles.
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text:Rumspringa
Rating:R (minors in jeopardy)
File Size:18.8MB
Summary:I don’t know if you notice anything missing, like the leaves on the trees or my clothes all over the floor. I don’t know if you even notice at all. Cause I was real quiet when I closed the door. –Fink, “This Is The Thing”
Music: Metal Detektor, by Spoon
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: The Long Narrow Rope
Author: pdragon76  
Rating:PG-13 (sailor-mouths, tornadoes, horny toads)
Spoilers: Pre-series, circa summer 1997
File Size:66.2MB
Length: 1:11:25
Summary: It’s been said that roots and wings are the only two lasting bequests you can give your kids, but sometimes all you’ve got is guns and how to use ‘em.
Music: Bad Moon Rising, covered by 16 Horsepower; If You Have Ghosts, by Roky Erickson
mp3 | m4b 

Title & Link to Text:Grace
Author: nwhepcat   
Pairing: Dean/Anna
Rating: R
Spoilers: S4 through "Heaven and Hell"
File Size: 6.6MB
Length: 0:07:14
Summary: There are things Dean's done that he cannot talk about. Forgiveness might be a gift, but it's one that demands something that might just be impossible.
Music: Dead Red Eyes, by Archers of Loaf
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Endemic (It Takes A Soul To Hold It)
Author: eighth_horizon   
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG-13 for Dean’s mouth
Spoilers: Set in season 4, pre-Luci
File Size:35MB
Length: 0:37:43
Summary: Back to Wisconsin, because Wisconsin is apparently ground zero for supernatural activity in the whole US by the sheer number of urban legends, and Red requested it. Dean and Sam check out mysterious underground deaths, and it all becomes too hard to resist in ways Sam wishes they had never discovered.
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Wolf Like Me
Author: schmevil   
Pairing: Bela/Meg
Rating: None given by author
Spoilers: Through the beginning of Season 4
File Size: 28MB
Length: 0:30:45
Summary: Meg takes Bela off the rack.
Music: Wolf Like Me, by TV On The Radio
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: The Empty Vessel
Author: ratherastory  
Characters: Claire, Cas, guest appearance by Dean
Rating: R
Spoilers: set in 5x04-verse
Summary: The world changes, and Claire goes searching for her father. Or, barring him, Castiel. What she finds is neither.
File Size/Length: 20MB / 00:21:51
Music: Oh God, Where Are You Now?, by Sufjan Stevens
mp3 | m4b

Title: The One You'll Know By
Author: roque_clasique
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gen
Length: 00:27:42
File Size: 25.41MB (mp3) | 13.64MB (m4b)
Summary: None given by author. Pre-series, John Winchester's POV. Representative quote: "He just can’t drive anymore until he sits in some air conditioning for five goddamn minutes and cools down, literally and figuratively, before he accidentally murders one of his kids."
Music: "Teach Your Children," by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.

mp3 || m4b (streaming available through mp3 link)

Title & Link to Text: Like This
Author: lone_pyramid  
Pairing: Olivia/Peter
Rating: PG
Spoilers: specific for Momentum Deferred; general through early S2
File Size:17.3MB
Length: 00:18:53
Summary: It starts like this.
Music: Aaron and Maria, by American Analog Set
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: What Is, Is (Not the Same)
Author: misscam  

Spoilers: Set between 6B and Os and contains references to both.
Summary:It is hard to let go of what might have been, especially when it's been presented in the flesh.
File Size: 13.51MB
Length: 00:14:45
Music: Young and Old, by Gregor Samsa
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Singular at the Same Time
Author: monanotlisa  
Reader: nickelmountain  
Pairing: Olivia/Astrid
Rating: Teen and Up
Length/File Size: 00:11:33/10.6MB
Summary: Set post-3x09 Marionette to the tune of care, equations, untainted, comfort, lab time, probabilities, milkshake, numbers, desire, something new, and intervention.
mp3 | m4b
Recorded for KISSES fest at podfic_project  in celebration of International Femslash Day!

Title & Link to Text: Separated by Skin
Author: crazylittleelf  
Reader: nickelmountain  
Pairing: Olivia/Fauxlivia
Rating: Mature
Length/File Size: 00:03:55/3.6MB
Summary: They need each other.
mp3 | m4b
Recorded for KISSES fest  A Peck on the Lips at podfic_project in celebration of International Femslash Day 2011.

Title & Link to Text: Help Wanted
Author: rheanna27
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: early season 1
Length: 00:32:44
Summary: Astrid didn't want to be Walter's lab assistant. Unfortunately, neither did anyone else.
This podfic was recorded for cantarina1, for her birthday! This is also my first attempt at making cover art for a podbook, which is probably pretty obvious from the quality of the cover. Oh well.
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Winning
Author: crazylittleelf
Pairing: Olivia Dunham/Emily Prentiss (crossover w/ Criminal Minds)
Rating: Mature
File Size||Length: 2.0MB || 00:02:14
Summary: Sometimes they win.
Notes: Recorded for A Peck on the Lips II at [community profile] audiofemme
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Title & Link to Text: Fall Through The Night
Author: danahid   
Pairing:Gen, slightly Derek/Sarah.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: S1
File Size: 14.8MB
Length: 0:16:12
Summary: He is dreaming that he sees them standing under the tree, Derek and his mother – Sarah – standing so close that they don’t look like two people but like some new creature that he’s never seen before.
Music: Upward Over the Mountain, by Iron and Wine
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Balance
Pairing: Cameron/John
Rating: G
Spoilers: S1
File Size: 4.2MB
Length: 0:03:31
Summary/Notes: Written for the Awesome Ladies Ficathon, recorded for the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology in conjunction with halfamoon . Prompt by aliasagent: "Cameron (/John?) Disturbance."
mp3 |m4b
audiobook link to entire anthology

Title & Link to Text: Tangent
Author: aelysian  
File Size: 12.35 MB
Summary:Five AU moments with John and Cameron, if Cameron was accidentally sent to 2008 instead of 1999.
Won by paraka   for help_japan. Recorded & posted on Judgment Day (4/21/2011).
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Éstas son las mañanitas (Or, A Game of Chess)
Author: mannaplowsk
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG 13
Spoilers: Through Born to Run; specific references to Queen's Gambit and other episodes, oblique references to T2.
File Size: 3.9MB
Length: 00:04:14
Summary: These days are easier to remember, even if they'd been the longest ago: her love for him, running ribbon-like around his world, big and wide and weaving through everything. It had been enough. It had been everything. Future John reminisces.
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Things To Live By
Author: mannaplowsk
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Season one, up to Dungeons and Dragons. Set not long after that.
File Size: 3.9MB
Length: 00:04:15
Summary: Derek tries to reconcile Sarah-the-legend to Sarah, here and now.
mp3 | m4b

Title & Link to Text: Dolls
Author: rheanna27
Pairing: Riley Dawson/Jesse Flores
Rating: Teen and up
File Size||Length: 4.1MB || 00:04:31
Summary: Riley had a doll, once.
Notes: Recorded for A Peck on the Lips II at [community profile] audiofemme

Star Trek (TNG & Reboot) 

Title & Link to Text: A Logical Proposition
Author: cosmic_llin 
Fandom: TNG
Pairing: Deanna Troi/Selar
Rating: Mature
File Size||Length: 4.2MB || 00:04:33
Summary: Deanna had never done it with a Vulcan before.
mp3 | m4b
Recorded for KISSES fest ( A Peck on the Lips) at podfic_project in celebration of International Femslash Day 2011.

Title & Link to Text: The 80/20 Theory As Applied to Cats on the Bed
Author: lazulisong 
Cover Artist: manifesty
Fandom: Reboot
Pairing: Kirk/Spock (Gen)
Rating: Not given
File Size||Length:12.45MB || 00:27:04
Summary: Captain Kirk is kind of like a cat, if by that you mean 'shameless bed hog.' This wasn't something Kirk had intended to find out.
mp3 | m4b
Won by ruka_nanjou  in the help_japan  lightning round. Author's Notes and Reader's Notes included.

Title & Link to Text: Let It Snow
Author: zjofierose
Fandom: Star Trek reboot
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Length: 00:26:58 / 24.7MB
Summary: During a rare shoreleave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk convinces Spock to take a road trip with him. He didn't count on a record snowfall. Now they're stranded in a motel room for Christmas, and stir-craziness is beginning to set in...
Music: "Winter Solstice" and "Ding! Dong!" by Sufjan Stevens
mp3 | m4b
Recorded for fire_juggler for the #InformalTwitterPodficExchange!

Title & Link to Text: Turned Me To The Sky
Author: igrockspock
Fandom: Star Trek reboot
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Gaila/Christine Chapel
Length: 00:06:01 / 5.5MB
Summary: On her birthday, Gaila takes Chapel on a surprise trip.
Recorded for the Awesome Ladies Podfic Anthology II at halfamoon.

Title & Link to Text: Sunshine on Leith
Author: [personal profile] Rhi
Fandom: Star Trek reboot
Rating: Teen and up
Pairing: Gaila/Nyota Uhura
Length: 00:27:11
Summary: The turning of the year: what happened to Gaila and Uhura between the fall of Nero and the relaunch of the Enterprise. (Warning: non-explicit references to slavery and non-consensual sex.)
Music: Alone in Kyoto, by Air.
Recorded for [personal profile] elemgi, for [community profile] fund_jcollins!

Title & Link to Text: Listen, She Said
Author: sophia_gratia
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Rating: General Audiences
Pairing: Kira Nerys/Jadzia Dax
File Size||Length: 4.4MB || 00:04:50
Summary: The monastery scene in 02x03, 'The Siege': Kira makes sense of Jadzia in vedek's robes.
Notes: Recorded for A Peck on the Lips II at [community profile] audiofemme

crinklysolutioncrinklysolution on January 7th, 2012 04:10 pm (UTC)
I just loved Help Wanted - the way you read is so measured and relaxed, I find it so easy to sink into listening to your podfic, and it makes me think about how great a show Fringe is. Hearing more of Astrid's POV is a great pairing with your deliberate and understated reading style - I've always thought the character of Astrid was played brilliantly; cooly competant, warmly present, but with a backbone of pure steel.
nickelmountain: confident astridnickelmountain on January 8th, 2012 10:39 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the lovely feedback! That totally made my day. I agree with you about Astrid - I think she's the unsung hero of the show. I love her a lot. There are a couple other Astrid-centric fics I have my eye on for recording, but first I have to chip away at my backlog. Fringe fandom needs more podfic, though.

Anyway. Thanks again for your kind words!