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15 August 2000 @ 12:37 pm
Master Podfic Post #3 - Podfic Bingo Card & Multi-hour Podfics In Progress  
----Podfic Bingo 2012----

Completed squares crossed out!

nickelmountain's Podfic Bingo!
Character of Colour
Crossover/FusionIncorporate Verbal EffectsMixed Media
Read without CuesSlashSplice Fics TogetherFairy TalePoetry
Action/AdventureLower Pitch EffectWild Card!AngstRecord with your Body
Read While LaughingTry an AccentCollaborateRead a Fic ColdUnfamiliar Fandom
No EditingSingChild CharacterDisability
Female Character

----Multi-hour Podfics In Progress----

Title & Link to Text: Dazzleland
Author: big_pink 
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Gen
Word Count: 99,000
Progress Report: Recording now for podficbigbang 2012! 

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Title & Link to Text: Lilac City
Author: nwhepcat
Fandom: BtVS
Pairing: Xander/Faith
Word Count: 137,000
Progress Report: Three false starts and nothing finished yet. I plan to record this once I'm done with school for good this summer.
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