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15 July 2011 @ 06:08 pm
Lilac City update  
Today I went through Lilac City and broke it up into sections of roughly 5000 words each, give or take a couple hundred to fit with the chapter breaks. Doing that makes the recording project seem more manageable somehow. Instead of facing down almost 140k words and who knows how many hours of recording, I'm looking at 27 recording sessions of approx. 5000 words a pop. Maybe fewer, if I have days where I can do two at a time.

I re-read some as I broke it up, and oh man. It is such an amazing fic. Certain passages always make me a little verklempt. This recording project has been intimidating me for over a year, but I think I'm finally ready for it, and I am excite. Since my first attempt at recording it, I've figured out better recording techniques and gained better control over my voice. (I recently listened to some of my version of The Long Narrow Rope, and yipes, my voice was rough. Okay, I was a couple months out from surgery on my throat and still pretty new to recording when I made it, but still.) I started a re-record a couple of months ago, but I'm scrapping that and starting from scratch for the third time.

Next week is my final week of classes for the summer semester, so I won't be recording much of anything then. I plan to get started the week after that.

And hey! I made this to help keep me on track!

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Possibly this is more than you needed or wanted to know. But seriously, all of my current podfics combined only total out to about 7 hours. Lilac City all by itself will be longer than that. I may need to call on y'all for support. 

Unrelated - just caught a weather update for the coming week here in Chicago. 90's and humid all week. Ugh.