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17 June 2011 @ 04:39 pm
progress report  
Making another update to my Master Podfic post, I realized that I have now posted a total of 20 podfics, and five of those were posted within the last five days. O_o

There are several small, boring factors. A slow start to the semester, a cooperating voice, a drive to make up for the podfic failure that was May, and a desire to get over 100 points in amplificathon this year. Which I have now done. I realize others have earned that many points in a single post, but for me? This is victory.

Next week one of my coworkers is on vacation, so I'll be working five shifts instead of my usual three, and on top of that I'll have two midterm exams. I anticipate school getting more intense in general. But - I'm still participating in pod_together, I'm still recording several Pecks on the Lips and one or two Makeouts for podfic_project, and I still have Lilac City and Dazzleland to record. I expect that each of the last two individually will total more hours of recorded podfic than I have done in 20 podfics so far.

So, yeah. I don't anticipate maintaining the roll I've been on. I hope to keep a more regular recording/posting schedule than i had last semester, but it won't look like this. Sadly.

That said, this has felt awesome.