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10 June 2011 @ 08:52 am
podfic plans update  
 Okay, so May did not work out as planned. There are excuses - construction across the street, time spent out of town, a cold that knocked me on my ass - but still. I am disappoint.

But! Hey! My voice is back, and my summer semester schedule is weirdly conducive to making podfic!

As guilty as it makes me feel, I have to put the epic length podfics back on the shelf. Just for the next month or so, I promise. I'm overdue posting my help_japan  lightning round podfic, and that has to come first. After that there are a couple of <5000 word podfics, and a very exciting podfic project to be announced very soon on a comm where I recently signed on as co-mod!   \o/ Head on over to podfic_project  and check it out!