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23 May 2011 @ 05:39 pm
first world problems  
 The universe has been trying to thwart my fannish endeavors recently.

1) I pre-ordered China Mieville's new book, "Embassytown." It was supposed to arrive on its release date (5/17), but Amazon sent it through a local delivery service with a really spotty reputation, and they lied about delivering it. I had to get on the phone with the delivery service and Amazon, and Amazon sent a new copy through UPS which arrived just fine on the 19th. I know a two day delay isn't much, but I've been looking forward to this book for months. (And hell yes, it was worth the wait.)

2) WGN chose to air a Cubs game on Friday and rescheduled the SPN finale for Sunday. I tried to avoid the internet, but I still got spoiled for what happened with Cas. 

3) I bought a subscription for Doctor Who series 6 on iTunes. New episodes air on BBC America on Saturday, and are usually available for download by the time I wake up on Sunday. The newest episode, however, is still not available for download on iTunes. I could buy it again on Amazon or torrent it from somewhere, but seriously, this is silly.

All this bitching aside, you know what didn't happen to me this weekend? I didn't lose my house or my life in a fucking tornado. I'll take these minor irritations, thank you. Universe, in this particular area, you and I are square.

To anyone who has been impacted by the floods and tornados devastating the country recently, I hope you're all right. If I can buy a new book and subscribe to a TV show on iTunes, I think I can send something to the Red Cross. I wish you well.