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29 April 2011 @ 07:35 am

I finished my second semester of grad school on Wednesday night, and today I'm heading out for a weekend of fangirling with nwhepcat. We're going to eat some good food, watch some great shows, and SRSLY WORLD ENOUGH WITH THIS STUPID WEDDING CRAP.

*Ahem.* Sorry. Apparently I needed to get that out of my system.

My friends' band released their new album on Tuesday, and also announced that they'll be playing Lollapalooza again. Which is awesome for them, because they're incredible and deserve all their success, but it's more awesome for me. Because this means they'll be coming through Chicago this summer, and I'll get to see them. These are some of the nicest, best people I know, and seeing them always restores me somehow. I mean actually hanging out, but watching them play is also always satisfying, if surreal. They're fantastic, but watching the audience react to them is always strange for me.

Anyway. I guess I needed to get that out of my system, too. End of semester + my friends coming to Chicago + SPN renewed for a 7th season + fangirl weekend = one awesome fucking week, don't you think? Woo hoo!