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15 April 2011 @ 05:54 pm
 I have two more weeks of classes before the Spring semester is over, and everything is due next week. Two presentations and three papers, and then I'm in the clear until June.

I have podfic plans. Oh yes I do. I am excite.

I wanted to record a ton of podfic over winter break, but that break was swallowed whole by Christmas. May, however...requires very little of me. I'm starting it with a trip out to see nwhepcat  for a fangirl weekend to celebrate surviving the semester, and I'm ending it with nwhepcat again at wiscon . With fannish bookends such as those, how can May be anything but awesome?

This is my plan:

I got author permission for my help_japan  podfic, so that comes first. It's a really kick-ass T:SCC fic, so I'm hoping to get it recorded and posted on the 21st, in honor of Judgment Day. This might mean delaying the composition of my last paper of the semester, which is due the 22nd at midnight, but if it feels doable, I'm doing it.

I also got permission to record an incredible Cyteen fic, which I'm massively excited about, and I've asked permission to record two Fringe podfics and another Books & Literature podfic, whose fandom I'll reveal if permission comes through. Which means if I get the T:SCC podfic posted next week, I'll have a potential six podfics on the docket to record in May, and two of them are massively long. Lilac City comes first because it's been a year since I got permission, and it's such an awesome story. I'm incredibly excited about recording Dazzleland, too, but I may record it and a couple of the shorter fics at the same time for a little instant gratification. 

Huh. I just used "incredibly" "excited" and "massively" a few too many times. The sentiment is accurate, even if the language is sloppy.

Anyway. Back to paper-writing and presentation-preparing. And also: Friday night, why must you tempt me so? Friday Night Lights, Supernatural, and Fringe all in one night? I mean, sure, I'm used to watching Fringe on Hulu the next day, but it's the principle of the thing. So much awesome, and I have to resist and avoid spoilers until my schoolwork is done.

Syd15: TSCC - Cameronsyd15 on April 16th, 2011 05:04 pm (UTC)
So excited to hear about T:SCC and Fringe podfics, gonna be luriking around here to see when they come out!!