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02 February 2011 @ 08:38 am
Snow Day  
The city of Chicago is at something of a standstill. Nickelhusband just left for work (poor guy), but I have an unexpected day off. The drop-in tutoring center where I volunteer on Wednesdays is closed because Chicago Public Schools shut down, and my own school closed after my first class yesterday and doesn't plan to re-open until tomorrow. I was supposed to lead a discussion tonight, and while I'm just as glad not to, I'm also irritated because I prepared really well for it.

I was supposed to have two classes yesterday, but the second was cancelled. After the first, I went to my store to pick up some supplies for a hearty stew. The rest of the city had the EXACT same idea. I knew they would - I've worked in the grocery business for five years, and I know people freak out when weather is imminent - but this was the worst I'd ever seen. Lines backed up into the aisles. Crazy. Everyone who could ring was on a register, so there were no baggers. I stood in line for several minutes watching the cashiers hauling ass, and then I got out of line, stashed my stuff in a cooler, grabbed my apron, and punched in. I bagged groceries for an hour and a half, and it was a little better when I left, but not a lot.

I made a huge vegetable stew with chunks of seitan, and nickelhusband made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I did not spend my night stranded on Lakeshore Drive, and we made it through with power and heat intact. (Knock wood - it's not over yet.) I have legitimate things I should be doing with my time, but for now I plan to relax and indulge in fannish things with hot coffee, chewy cookies, and my two affectionate cats.

I hope everyone else in the path of this storm fares as well as we have.