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18 October 2010 @ 06:31 am
Wincon 2010  
I'm back in the real world after an amazing weekend at Wincon.

Things that ruled about Wincon:
1) Roommates. cantarina1 and nwhepcat, thank you. You're awesome.
2) Trickster viewing party.
3) JDM viewing party.
4) Watching SPN in a room full of fangirls.
5) Group singalong. Kenny Rogers. Really.
6) Oh #wincon
7) Panels. So much fun.
8) The vid show.
9) Bad Fic Idol. Also, walking down the hallway after Bad Fic Idol, trying not to meet the eyes of the Class of 1955 high school reunion members who were having their own event across the hall, and probably hadn't counted on hearing any dolphin porn or graphic, creative depictions of skull fucking that weekend.
10) Winprom.
11) Winprom.
12) Seriously, Winprom. The dresses, the dancing, the glowsticks, and yes, more group singalong. It was inspiring. I mean that in the most sincere, least ironic way possible.
13) The Roadhouse.
14) Group podfic. Thanks to cantarina1 for arranging everything!
15) Fangirls. I met some great people, and again with the sincerity, being there with all those amazing women was genuinely inspiring.

On a less inspiring note, I have to leave for work. Sigh.
cantarina: spn - carry on my wayward soncantarina1 on October 20th, 2010 04:13 am (UTC)
Badfic Idol is just as hilarious on the relisten. I don't even know what do with this file sitting on my computer.

Likewise, thank you! Both for the company and for reading. The podfic party was one of the huge highlights of my weekend and I'm so so glad it came together as successfully as it did.
nickelmountainnickelmountain on October 20th, 2010 11:29 pm (UTC)
I'm almost afraid to relisten to Badfic Idol. It was so horrifying and so delightful at the same time.

I'm really looking forward to hearing the group podfic!