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09 October 2010 @ 07:07 pm
carry on, my wayward grad student  
My life as a SPN story arc:

Spring 2010: I sell my soul to a crossroads demon for admission to grad school.

Summer 2010: I agonize over what I've done as I battle my way through an online statistics course and slowly let go of my thankless, yet weirdly personally meaningful job.

Fall 2010: I start school.

One month later: The hellhounds come to collect, in the form of this agonizing Psychology of Lifespan case conceptualization.

Which isn't even that long, and shouldn't be that difficult, except my professor grades hard and I'm totally over-thinking everything.

This one is due Tuesday. I have another case conceptualization of equal length and difficulty due on Thursday, and I haven't even started it because this first one is still using me for a chew toy.


But: after this is all over, and the second paper has been handed in, I get to pack my bags and take the train to Wincon.

I could extend the SPN metaphor, throw in something about being raised from perdition, but I really have to finish this stupid paper.