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02 September 2010 @ 05:45 pm
First week of school  
 I finished my first week of grad school.

So far...honestly, I love it. The amount of reading I have to do is insane, and 90% of my classmates are younger than I am, but my instructors are awesome and the material is genuinely interesting.

Just one thing - before I enrolled in a Master's in Clinical Psych program, I didn't spend a lot of time flipping through the DSM. So I naively thought that when homosexuality was taken out of it with the publication of the DSM IV, that meant that the so-called "Gender Identity Disorder" was taken out, too. Sometimes I assume the world to be a better place than it really is. Not often, but enough that sometimes I feel like a real dumbass.

Today in Psychopathology, I was assigned to do a group presentation at the end of the semester about Gender Identity Disorder.


We have to pick a movie relating to the subject, and diagnose the relevant character using the criterion established in the DSM IV-TR. Boys Don't Cry was suggested, but I convinced the group to go with The Adventures of Sebastian Cole, instead. I did not want to attempt to "diagnose" the film version of a real person. Brandon's life was too short, his death was horrific, and I don't want to be the asshole sitting around with two other cis chicks talking about Brandon Teena's "mental disorder." (Also, I really dislike that movie.)

The transgendered character in The Adventures of Sebastian Cole is safely ficticious, and nicely multifaceted. Does not come across as "disordered" at all.

Nickelhusband is grumbling about dinner. Got to go.

Tomorrow: podficcing!