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23 August 2010 @ 06:26 pm
more news from nowhere  
This year is moving so incredibly fast. Ever since January, it's been one thing after another - studying for and taking the GRE, writing my admissions essay and corralling all the necessary elements of my admissions packet, taking that horrible statistics course, and of course work, with all its myriad stresses and preoccupations and hours of overtime.

I finished work just over a week ago, on my 30th birthday. 

It's only just now sinking in. I celebrated my birthday/semi-retirement with a RL friend from out of town, and then promptly left for a few days bumming around in Denver, followed by a few more days with my parents, a couple hours south of Spokane. Got back last night, and have been spending some quality time with my cats ever since.

Fandom related if you squint hard enough: We went to the public art museum in Denver, where I saw an incredible drawing by Bill Amundson. I saw this exact same drawing on exhibit at the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, WI withnwhepcat  in June.

This is my last week of freedom. Orientation is on Friday, and classes start next week.

I still have:
One super-long podfic, still in progress. I'm slow, I suck, I'm sorry.
One shorter podfic on the docket, which I planned on finishing before I left town, but plans and I don't always get along.
One podfic remix that I'm really excited about.

Oh my god, school is starting next week.

Also: oh my god, I'm 30.