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14 July 2010 @ 12:31 pm
probable consequences of participation in the apocalypse (procrastination edition)  
 Studying for my section exam, and I find this in my notes:

"The probability that Sam Winchester parks in a no parking zone and gets a ticket is 0.06, and the probability that Sam Winchester cannot find a legal parking space and has to park illegally is 0.20. On Thursday, Sam Winchester arrives at the apocalypse and has to park illegally. Find the probability that he will get a ticket.

N = parking illegally
T = getting a ticket

P(T|N) = P(N&T)/P(N) = 0.06/0.20 = 0.30

Hence, Sam Winchester has a 0.30 probability of getting a parking ticket for parking illegally at the apocalypse."

The example in the text used the name Sam. I translated the rest into language I could understand.

This is me, still not doing my homework or taking my section exam.