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12 May 2010 @ 10:22 am
Rec Post # 2: Dean/Cas  
 I haven't read nearly enough Dean/Cas, but these three make me happy:

1) And I Wake Up Blind, Like My Dreams Were Too Bright, by strangeandcharm , read by pandarus . This was one of the first Dean/Cas stories I read/listened to, and it makes for a good intro. It's actually a Jimmy fic - Castiel has amnesia, doesn't know he's an angel, and is institutionalized, all while Jimmy is awake and powerless within him. Jimmy is wonderful in this story - even when Castiel surrenders to circumstance, Jimmy continues to fight. Fayjay hops easily back and forth between Jimmy and Castiel's voices, and reads with wonderful energy.
2) See The World in Green and Blue, by parenthetical , read by pandarus . Castiel spends a day as a human in an effort to understand the human experience. This story is lovely - Castiel does laundry and eats pie under Dean's gleeful guidance, and has some really wonderful moments alone with each brother. I really enjoyed parenthetical's interpretation of the angelic experience - the way Castiel has to train himself to look at people's faces instead of reading their souls. Fayjay's reading is fantastic, as usual. She's another favorite of mine.3) Make The Man, by trinityofone , read by cath . Set during the 4th season ep where Zachariah rewrote Sam & Dean's lives and sent them to work at Sandover. Castiel decides that it's still his job to protect Dean, even if Dean isn't really being Dean. He introduces himself to Dean as a human, and is immediately out of his depth as their first conversation leads quickly back to Dean's apartment. The relationship that follows is lovely, as Castiel cares for Dean Smith and longs for Dean Winchester. cath reads with a really nice energy - a real pleasure to listen to.

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