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04 May 2010 @ 03:32 pm
works in progress  
 So, I have a few projects in the pipeline, in various stages of completion.

1) Two podfics - one short, one massive, both so much fun to read. Sadly, they're on hiatus while my voice recovers. More on that later.

2) I have a fic in mind. Maybe one multi-part fic, maybe five separate fics. I'm in planning and research phase right now. The plot bunny got me, and oh my god, I want to write this story. Which is intimidating as hell, because a) I've never written fanfic before, and; b) Years since I've written any kind of fiction. Years. 

3) I'm home from work for the next few days, and I've really been meaning to put together some shout outs/recs of fics I've read/listened to over the past few months. I also have a long list of fen I need to leave comments for. I've been a little better at that recently, but old lurker habits die really hard.

Also, personal project 4) I need to reach the fuck out to people. Fandom people, RL people, people in general. I've been kind of a lurker IRL, too. Which truly sucks. For instance, I had surgery a few days ago. Total thyroidectomy. Two nights in the hospital. I still haven't written to my best friend in Austin to tell her, and I actually spent a lot of time wondering whether or not I should mention it here. Why would I not tell my friend about my surgery? Because I'm stupidly private. And because at some point in my childhood, probably in the few years following my treatment for AML, it was drilled into my head that it's my job to be okay. So when I'm not okay, I need to keep it to myself. Fucked up, right?

Sigh. My voice, as I mentioned, is out of commission due to my surgery. It should be back soon, and I'll jump back into recording. Until then, expect a few more posts in the next few days singing praises of stories I've read, listened to, and loved. And maybe, just maybe, a first fanfic.