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14 April 2010 @ 09:32 am
 Just got back from a long weekend in New Orleans. Nickelhusband had a conference to attend, and I got a little vacation out of it. 

The weather was perfect - sunny, in the low 70's every day. I walked around the French Quarter, up Magazine to Audubon Park and Tulane, and rode back down on the St. Charles streetcar. What I saw of the city was limited - a very narrow, very beautiful slice of something I know to be much larger and more complicated. But it was lovely nonetheless.

On Monday evening I walked over to Jackson Square, hoping to walk around inside it and then maybe sit for a moment in St. Louis Cathedral. But the Square was locked up, and a giant padlock secured the gate barring entrance to the Cathedral. So I stood a few moments between the Square and the Cathedral, just looking at the clean lines of the building. Several psychics had tables set up in the area. I'd never had a reading done before, but I'd always wanted to. Especially in a city like New Orleans. I used to read the Tarot when I was in high school, and without holding any particular beliefs or disbeliefs, I respect the process. You read the pattern in the cards, interpreting them through your intuition about the person in front of you. There may be something more for some people, but that's the main idea.

I sat down with a woman named Velvet, who read my cards in five different ways using three different decks, and took a look at my palm, too. I won't repeat the particulars, but she was very good, and the experience was profound. She told me something I really needed to hear. She addressed the thought that had been on my mind only moments before, as I'd stood, staring, at the Cathedral. Wherever her information was coming from, she was right.

It's good to be home, though. The cats are happy to see us, and even though I'm still finding little dried deposits of cat barf in random places around the house, I'm happy to see them.

And I just realized, it's really important that I clarify one thing: my husband was NOT there for the southern Republican conference! It's true that he and Sarah Palin were in the same building at the same time for at least a few minutes on Friday afternoon, but it's a big frakking conference center, and he was there with the Urban Planners. Totally, totally different. 

Okay. Now that that's cleared up, I need to catch up with everything else that's happened on the internet since Friday morning. Sheesh.