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02 April 2010 @ 06:05 pm
 The store meeting yesterday involved a rap. Seriously. Seven in the morning, and some white dude from Prep Foods rapping about our company's core values into a microphone. Four hundred and sixty half-asleep coworkers watching, dumbfounded, uncertain if this awkward flashback to 1986 is meant to be ironic or sincere. I half-expected a follow-up verse about the times tables, or the importance of staying in school. It was that kind of rap. 

And when I say, "a rap," picture the way your mother would say it. The slightly bewildered tone in her voice, as if she's not sure she's using the right vocabulary. As though her experience with rap is young white men in brightly colored, baggy sweatsuits performing good-naturedly at the senior center. It was that kind of rap.

It came from a good place (I think) and I don't mean to mock (sort of), but seriously. Wow.