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06 January 2010 @ 09:16 am
Hello, world.  
This is my official de-lurking post. I'm still not networked with anyone - no friends - so there's no one to read my awkward hello, but still. I twisted my own arm into doing this. It's years overdue.

I'm a giant nerd. Hello. I've been lurking in fandom since at least 2004, when Buffy rode her schoolbus of Slayers off the air and I wondered how the hell I was supposed to go on without them. Angel only got me through one more year, and then I was stuck.

I found my way to the now-defunct slayage.tv, and from there to the Buffy Fiction Archive. I was saved. For the first few years I read primarily Buffy & Angel fic, but as the writers I liked moved on to other fandoms, and my own fannish interests expanded, my reading diversified.

I actively read Supernatural and Buffy, and to a slightly lesser extent Doctor Who. I have read/would like to read more of Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and Dollhouse. But I'm open to suggestion - I never even watched Supernatural until I read some heartbreakingly good Castiel fic in a Buffy/SPN crossover, and now I'm addicted. I even went to the Chicago SPN convention in November. At this point, I read more Supernatural than anything else.

I don't write fanfic. (Yet?) But I read a lot of it. I'm thinking of trying my hand as a beta. I'm not much into RPF or PWP, but otherwise I'm flexible. I'm also thinking pretty seriously about recording some podfic.

I know I have a lot more work to do in the community before any of this is relevant. I need to reach out and actually, you know, talk to people. Comment on the fics I read. Make friends.

I joined LJ in 2006, but I'm still brand new to using it. Be patient with me.

Final note: I'm leaving my first, original 2006 LJ post up. Back then I thought I was just starting a blog. Until now, I never posted again. But ultimately, I think that post is just as good an introduction as this awkward, unwieldy thing.

So, yeah. Hello. I'm nickelmountain, and I'm a fan.
listening to:: "Home," by Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros